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Default Re: Irresistible Anticheat & Weapon Shot Sync System (Lightweight)

Originally Posted by Kasichok View Post
For ammo you can hook GivePlayerWeapon

PHP Code:
//hook GivePlayerWeapon
server_ammo[playerid][weaponslot] += ammo
PHP Code:
if(server_ammo[playerid][GetWeaponSlot(weaponid)] < 1)
server_ammo[playerid][GetWeaponSlot(weaponid)] = 0;
server_weapon[playerid][GetWeaponSlot(weaponid)] = 0;
GetPlayerAmmo(playerid) != server_ammo[playerid][GetWeaponSlot(weaponid)])
         //loop 12 slots and give them the server weapons like GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, server_weapon[playerid][i], server_ammo[playerid][i]);

So when the player is using ammo hack the weapon will still remove.
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Ammo tracking is pretty hard regardless, but I do definitely see the idea of having a "max ammo", and triggering if it goes above
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