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Default Re: Simple Gamemode - the Simplest basis for a gamemode [Streamer\MySQL\SSCANF\ZCMD]

Originally Posted by X337 View Post
Very nice, but most of the dialog, message and label is in russian.
Can you convert that thing to english?

I see this code in .pwn file, i didn't understand what's this and how it works.
    #emit    stack    0x7FFFFFFF
    #emit    inc.s    cellmax
    static const ___[][] = {"made with love by | lexjusto |"};
    #emit    retn
    #emit    load.s.pri    ___
    #emit    proc
    #emit    proc
    #emit    fill    cellmax
    #emit    proc
    #emit    stor.alt    ___
    #emit    strb.i    2
    #emit    switch    4
    #emit    retn
    #emit    jump    L1
    #emit    zero    cellmin
Can you explain this code mate?

About the translation - Yes, soon translate.
About the weird code at the top is an unusual way AntiDeAmx (used opcodes compiler) that protects mod from decompiling. When you try decompiling the program, the attacker will consume 100% of the RAM and he most likely will not be able to complete without rebooting
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