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Originally Posted by Yashas View Post
The previous tutorial was ""
Same topic

But this seems better
Well, basically, that's the point.

Originally Posted by ****** View Post
Please use set line lengths on your comments - having to scroll both horizontally and vertically to read what you are saying is very tricky! You missed one VERY important piece of information - what is a kick gun?
I've done line lengths, you still have to scroll around a bit though. I had also defined a "kick gun" in the introduction but I guess it was incomplete.

Originally Posted by [uL]Pottus View Post
I did this a while ago except we had a kick bat and ban hammer.
A ban hammer sounds quite interesting but I don't like the idea of it. I'd rather click ban or command ban someone but again, that's personal preference. It can be coded using the same tutorial but a bit "tweaked", I guess.
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