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Originally Posted by Blackazur View Post

He explained the steps.
Not good enough , i don't think a newbie will be able to make a afk system alone , he will probably copy these codes and done
If he make a tutorial , he must explain every function ,
Why he must do this , etc..
And this is weird
if( health < 100 )//player health is less than 100
            SendClientMessage(playerid, //The color you like comment end\\,"You haven't enough health");
            return 1;
Why, if the player have less then 100 health he can't use /afk command ?
And this weird too
if( health > 100 )
The player can't use afk command if he have 100 hp , he must have 101 health or bigger if he wanna use afk command
Whatever , i don't wanna be rude
If you have scripts ideas pm me(i know dini and SQLite)

My Scripts:

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