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Default Re: South Central Roleplay 0.20 by Emmet_

Originally Posted by iConvict View Post
Dear players of San Andreas Multiplayer and scripters who are looking to learn. This script is for learning purposes only and I do not plan on letting people use this script to create a server, if you want to create a server with this script feel free to Private Message Me a good reason why and I will send you the MySQL, you must have enough knowledge to maintain a proper heavy role-play server and I will gladly give you my thumbs up to use it. Even though its a Release this script is top notch scripted from scratch and I consider one of the Best SA-MP Roleplays scripts. The script was made by Emmet_ and South Central Roleplay was owned by Risky(Myself). The main reason why I am releasing this script is because to many people are using the leaked version (0.19) and claiming it as theres.
By putting on the sa-mp forums you're saying people can use it for whatever they want, Without any license provided along side it, not just stating they're not allowed too. (But either way i got given the script by Emmet when i was developing with him)

And along with you asking people to PM you for the database, you've failed in one thing when releasing the Gamemode. "Proving everything but the include and dll's not related to the script".

Besides the point you're forgetting to mention everyone in the credits whom helped with the server and its creation from the Administration team to Server Development, you seem to be solely set on getting popular.

Note: and the license can't be a few words that you've jumbled together (knowing you), it has to be in depth and accurate. I can always provide my 3 year old 75,000 word SA on Internet and Copyright licenses.
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