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Default Respuesta: Over-Heated Sparrow (BETA Version 1.0)

I haven't tested this because currently I don't have time to, but at least the idea itself of having the Seasparrow's gun heat up as you hold the fire key, and needing to release it for the gun to cool down, is frankly an amazing idea!!
However I have one doubt: is that tail rotor damaging script packed with this, or is it optional?
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si se hace las cosas bien, no es necesario que se tenga la opción compilar.
compilar es guardar, pero solo que el pawno te dice los errores cometidos.
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Oh and yes, why should I be ashamed? Because of people that are behind their PCs like 24/7, with 120 kilograms up their ass in 15 years of age? Give me a break.
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like he seid my brother tried & he's head esploded hes in hospital i recommend u not to do it
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