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Default Re: Sprunkbuster SA - Anticheat System and Global Cheater Blacklist

From what I read, I'll assume all reports are sent straight to the master server, no exceptions.
With that assumption in mind, I think it'd be nice to have a callback where you decide whether that report is sent to the master server or just dropped.
As you said, it's possible to have your admin banned accidentally by using admin commands, and the reason I am giving this idea is because, if that were to happen, the server could just go through whatever logical operation it was programmed to go through and drop the report if the admin was really using his commands, that way, the admin wouldn't have to go off duty for 24/48 hours, and you wouldn't have to review that appeal.

Now that suggestion was just in case the plugin doesn't work like that, I did not have time to look at it. Sad, really.
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