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Default Re: CHandling - Server control of handlings & per-vehicle handlings

I took a quick peek at the disassembler and updated the offsets.ini file to handle 0.3.7 R4 (at least in theory, I haven't even launched the game because I'm not playing it anymore):
It should auto-update itself when launching the game.

If anyone want's to update the offsets in the future (since I probably won't really be supporting this more) and has any basic knowledge about disassembly, here's a quick way of finding all the required offsets, because it's pretty much identical in every version:
1. Search for text preloaded or any string from the vehicle debug info 3DText (for example subtype) and go to it's xref
2. You'll see the place which formats the message for vehicle 3DText, scroll up and you'll find 3 offsets in an conditional:

3. Now search for text Stay within and jump to the xref of the second result, here you'll find the FindIDFromGtaPtr function:

That's pretty much it, just get the HEX from samp.dll+0xBABE to identify the version.
As for the OFFSET_VehiclePool_pGtaVehicles, it's pretty much the same (0x4FB4) in every version, you'll find it in FindIDFromGtaPtr or related functions around it.
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