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Default Re: trablon's FireFight System(Fight with Fire!)


Allright, let's see what we got here.

First of all, your first message is totally bullshit.Do you know why?

Because you do not know how to tell your opinion about realeses of people.Look at the below that i quoted someone's post.Here you go, good example for ya'
Also, i'm not thinking to leaving from this forum, actually when i saw more talker people like you, i wanted to add more unique systems on this fucking forum and hold on, wait for my next release.

Originally Posted by denNorske View Post
Take constructive criticism when you post something here.

The thing is, it's in fact not easy to understand what kind of system this is. Is it to create fire, etc?
You could have added more explanation you know

Make it attractive
You are right, i'll edit the main post.Thanks for the review.
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