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Default SampSharp - Write gamemodes in .NET


SampSharp is a plugin and library which allows you to write SA-MP gamemodes in C#, VB or any other .NET language. The plugin works both on Linux and Windows. The library contains various classes for every type of resource available in SA-MP (players, vehicles, textdraws, etc). Aside from this wrapper around native functions, the library also contains a good structure to build your gamemode on.

SampSharp provides wrappers for existing plugins (currently only the streamer plugin) and a number of resources for writing wrappers for existing plugins. There are also a small number of example gamemodes available.

Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated!
If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

The following snippet shows how easy it is to create a command which spawns a vehicle:
PHP Code:
class GameMode BaseMode
override void OnPlayerConnected(BasePlayer playerEventArgs e)

player.SendClientMessage($"Welcome {player.Name}, to a whole new world!");

    public static 
void VehicleCommand(BasePlayer playerVehicleModelType model)
Console.WriteLine($"Spawning a {model} for {player.Name}");
vehicle BaseVehicle.Create(modelplayer.Position + new Vector3(000.5f), player.Rotation.Z);
player.SendClientMessage(Color.GreenYellow, $"You have spawned a {model}!");

Download SampSharp

Current stable version:

Current unstable version:


Source code
Tim Potze

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SampSharp | Plugin for writing SA:MP gamemodes in C#. | Topic Website Github
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