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Default Fix for crash on load in Windows 7/8

If you're currently crashing on load (around 80%) and are running Windows 7 (a problem detailed further here). Then try either of these steps:
  • Reinstall SA into a different directory
  • Rename your current SA directory

Tested as working for me and some others, post if it works or not.

Thanks. o/

Originally Posted by Toyotaspeed
Ah. I believe this does work. Not sure if it'll be working for everybody though.

More detailed explanation -

Go into your C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games (or where ever you keep the GTA SA directory)

Add a "2" to the end of your directory name so it says, "GTA San Andreas" to "GTA San Andreas 2".

Right click your SAMP and/or GTA SA shortcut and in the "target" and "Start in" boxes, add a 2 to the end of "GTA San Andreas" again. (example - Target: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas 2\samp.exe")

SAMP will say it can't locate your directory and a menu will come up asking you to select the directory. Select the "GTA San Andreas 2" folder.

You should be able to play now.
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