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Default Re: Y_Ini - Let's do it!

Originally Posted by Riddick94 View Post
At the momment i'm using GivePlayerWeapon.

GivePlayerWeaponEx it's my Anty Weapon Cheat. GivePlayerWeapon not working correctly:

pawn Code:
foreach2(w, MAX_WEAPON_SLOTS)
        new string[32];
        format(string, sizeof(string), "Weapon_%d", w);
        if(!strcmp(string, name, true))PlayerInfo[playerid][Weapons][w] = strval(value);

        format(string, sizeof(string), "Ammo_%d", w);
        if(!strcmp(string, name, true))PlayerInfo[playerid][Ammo][w] = strval(value);
        GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, PlayerInfo[playerid][Weapons][w], PlayerInfo[playerid][Ammo][w]);

And i won't to give weapons after spawn but when player is Logged.
Please download and give me the IP and PASS trough PM so i can enter in your computer, because everything here is getting confusing.
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