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Default Re: [READ BEFORE POSTING]Asking Good Questions

Also read this old thread:

Get some tips from this article:

More notes:
  • Adding to reason 1 from above, you should provide code. Whether it's what you've already tried or what you think will be relative.
  • Try searching first!
  • If you need minor help, go to the minor queries thread.

To the rep hunters:

This is for all of the people that post random shit in inappropriate places, mainly the help section.
  • Stop acting like you know something about the users problem. I hate when I see people replying with things like "oh well that seems simple, maybe this will work" then posting things that are hardly related.
  • If you don't know how to help, don't.
  • EXPLAIN how you fixed code. I've seen so many posts that just include fixed code, but no explanations on what was done. It's a Scripting Help section, not a request section.
  • Much more that I will remember to mention later.
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