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Default Re: streamed in paused players facing north

Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi View Post
Read the thread, that is what already happens... If you GetPlayerFacingAngle on a tabbed player, you get the last known angle...
I only read the first post, my bad.

SetPlayerPos/SetPlayerFacingAngle will not work for paused players AFAIK so there's no way in correcting it. However, I've experienced that setting virtual worlds might work. Even for a paused player, when virtual world is set, it affects them. Try setting the facing angle to last known angle and then switch the virtual world to current once again. I'm not sure if that works but it's only an assumption. Virtual worlds used to be set for older SA-MP versions so I cannot guarantee you about the current version.

If what I said works, you'll have to do it constantly.
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