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Default Re: safeDialogs - Complete protection against spoofed dialog data!

safeDialogs - v1.0.3 (optional/minor update) released!

- Added a static-global array to handle huge strings, thereby freeing more heap space. If you were facing any heap space related warning after including safeDialogs earlier, it should be fixed now.
- Improved list-item filtering. There used to be a confusion for non-hex codes between curly braces in list-item string, no more now though!
- Added new function : GetPlayerDialogItem - It stores the list-item string/data into destination. Using this function, you don't have to rely on inputtext for list-type dialogs to get their string data. In cases of DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST or DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS - it stores the complete list-item data.
pawn Code:
GetPlayerDialogItem(playerid, listitem, dest[], bool:filter = false, size = sizeof(dest));

playerid - The player to obtain data from.
listitem - The listitem of which data/string has to be obtained.
dest[] - Array to store string/data.
filter = false - Whether to filter the contents in a list-item. If filter is set to true,
                   it will automatically remove color embedding and make it look like
                   how it's shown to clients / players.
                   If filter is set to false (by default it'
s false), it will show the raw data
                   which may or may not include color embedding, depending on how the
                   code is.
size = sizeof(dest) - The size of destination array.
- Fixed functions : Functions from safeDialogs can now be used under OnDialogResponse and OnDialogSpoof.
- Include initialization won't call OnPlayerConnect completely anymore, instead it only resets necessary variables. This also means that "_ALS_" hook errors upon including certain libraries along with safeDialogs, are fixed.

This is an optional update, but I'd recommend anyone using this include to update to the latest version.


Output of how the whole text can be retrieved for tabbed dialogs. (The same applies for header type dialogs)

pawn Code:
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 1, DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST,
, "Select", "Close");

public OnDialogResponse(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]) {

    if(dialogid == 1) {
        GetPlayerDialogItem(playerid, listitem, tmpString, false, sizeof(tmpString));
        //filter is false - This output can include color embedding if the script has done so.
        printf("%s", tmpString);
        tmpString[0] = EOS;
        GetPlayerDialogItem(playerid, listitem, tmpString, true, sizeof(tmpString));
        //filter is true - It will print the text exactly like how clients view in game.
        printf("%s", tmpString);
        return 1;
    return 0;

Output: (I selected each and every list-items)
Item	1
Item	1
{FF0000}Stuff	2
Stuff	2
{FFFaf9}Other	3
Other	3
Currently inactive - I don't play at any SA-MP servers nor work on anything in PAWN for now. The projects that I've done so far in PAWN, which requires updates will be taking some time.

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