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Default Re: safeDialogs - Complete protection against spoofed dialog data!

Originally Posted by Lordzy View Post
Are you using multiple filterscripts that uses dialog features? If so, please wait because I'll have to change the data structure to use PVars. I'm currently on a tour and will be updating as soon as I get back.

If what I said is your problem, for now return 1 under your OnDialogResponse. If this isn't the problem, try compiling with v1.0.2 (can be taken from commit history) and see if it's working well or not.

Edit : One more thing I'd like to add - Are you calling OnDialogResponse callback explicitly anywhere on your code? Also let me know if you're using easyDialogs or not.
I don't have any filterscripts nor easyDialogs include and I don't call OnDialogResponse anywhere. Also I return 1 there already, I never return 0. :P I'll try 1.0.2.
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