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Hey there , I need help with this issue im having while trying to run my samp03svr file.

I'm trying to host it with a Linux Dedicated Server i'm using SSH Client PuTTY , after i type the command "./samp03svr" I get this error :

myuser@myuser:~$ ./home/myuser/samp/samp03/samp03svr &
-sh: ./home/myuser/samp/samp03/samp03svr: No such file or directory
[1] 15483
[1]+ Done(127) ./home/myuser/samp/samp03/samp03svr

But i checked it via FTP and the file is there , also i already gave the chmod 777 and i'm in the directory /home/xxxx/samp/samp03$ so please if you can tell me what do i have to do and how to do it it would be great

Regards , Reflow
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