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Default Re: How to make players can see custom object?

Originally Posted by RoboN1X View Post
Unfortunately, you are late .. the version branch for easy custom object that allow players to download from the server has been just pulled out alongside the subforum.

Alternatively you can add your object .txd and .dff into Custom.IMG file (can be found in SAMP folder) using IMG tool, assign the object model, id, and flags in Custom.IDE, then you publish it on internet and have the players manually download the custom.img and custom.ide you made.. (and ask them to install it)

Then you can use CreateObject normally with the object ID you previously assigned in the Custom.IDE

Note that the ID of objects usable for custom img are within 15065 to 15999 (935 total)
Thanks! I tried and successed! The last thing is how can I spawn these objects ?
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