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Originally Posted by ER0
Originally Posted by [B
Vortex ]
Hello, I want to make my server have different times.. Like so..

When the gamemode first starts, it starts with morning, then it goes to afternoon after 10 or so mins.. then after another 10 mins, it goes to evening, and after another 10 mins it goes to midnight. and then it goes back to morning.

How do I do this? :P
my problem is similar, but i can say to you this

Add in OnPlayerSpawn this.

pawn Code:
public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid)
  TogglePlayerClock(playerid, 1);
    return 1;

But, no is sycn with all players, is what i need fix, and i ask that now lol
I dont want a clock, I just want the times of day to change.
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