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Default Re: Q: About PC Drivers

Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE View Post
It's the product manufacturer's job to release drivers for Windows 10, not Microsoft's. Microsoft does make low end drivers to ensure a certain level of functionality, but that's it.
I haven't had this sort of issues yet. I had driver upgrades since the day it launched and they all worked.
Do you download all the drivers from the product manufacturer's website or using a software?
When I look into (Windows 10 64bit) it seems like there is no full package download for the drivers.
I am still deciding whether I should do a full Reset (through the Windows 10 reset feature) or just clean-install.

I am not sure if this is Windows 10 problem, but when I shut down my computer, sometimes its just doesn't work but only turns black screen, at the same time the PC is still running and draining battery.

And now I just turned on my PC and my mouse click button is 'messed up' right click becomes left click and left click vice versa.

Additional info: Oh and, it seems like there isn't currently any possible ways to downgrade the Windows. It seems like Windows 10 is patched so you can't downgrade the Windows.
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