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Default Re: Q: About PC Drivers

o this is quite a massive fuck-up. Especially concerning drivers I usually kept up-to-date drivers in case anything happens. I own an HP laptop, but they do have updated drivers for Windows 10 (except for VGA drivers which are not up-to-date, and can be downloaded from Intel Center/nVidia/AMD site.).

I've got few questions and stuff to try out, I might be able to help you out.

If you've no clue which processor you might be having, have you checked your laptop's box, manual, any cash slip which must "atleast" be having the full processor name and its type. You can also check the correct information on BIOS aswell but if it shows the same thing as Speccy, it must be something wrong with the BIOS. Also, do try using something alternative like CPUID CPU-Z and check if it's providing some accurate information related to your processor.

Since you've used Driver Navigator (if I'm not wrong), you probably have got viruses aswell. Below is the link to the site which tells you the whole process of "completely" removing this malware crap. I don't even know who recommended it, I'm going to tell you that, don't ever use any third party software like those without even searching about them.

Click me for the site so that you can remove this Driver Navigator.

After you've completely scanned your PC with MalwareBytes, cleaned up all unwanted registry files and disabled unknown startup applications with CCleaner, you can finally uninstall unwanted drivers by going into the Device Manager and uninstall them one by one. Also do remove extra application(s) installed by that Driver Navigator thing. I recommend going into the Safe Mode first since it's the best thing to avoid major issues and it only loads the "needed" drivers to start the Windows, it doesn't even needs to use VGA drivers.

For uninstalling VGA drivers (Intel/nVidia/AMD), I recommend Display Driver Uninstaller also called DDU, it's the best uninstaller out there without any bullshits. You can download it from here.

Also, one more thing doesn't use any other driver "cleaner" other than DDU for VGA. All others are adware and create more problems in future.

Now coming to the installation of the drivers. The basic thing is if you can't find that specific Windows 10 drivers, let the Windows Update do the job. Don't go on random sites finding that specific driver. Moreover, you can find drivers more accurately by its hardware ID which can be found through Device Manager > properties of any specific driver > Details tab >Select "Hardware Ids" from Property drop box.

For Intel drivers, since you've no clue which driver needs to be installed, install Intel® Driver Update Utility which is 100x better than using those adware Softwares.

For other drivers, go to your Laptop's manufacturer site (the one you mentioned) and if they don't have it you could try going with the older one like Windows 8.1 drivers, but the most chances are, they won't work on Windows 10. Anyway, updating with Windows Update is the best solution for the drivers whos drivers are not available on the vendor's site. You can read this Microsoft tutorial about installing/updating drivers for Windows.

Is this too much? I know it's probably the most annoying thing with Windows. If you're frustrated and want to go with something "very" easy, go with Linux then. They're available in the Kernal and are updated whenever the Kernel is updated. Some of the drivers like VGA one or the firmware, which are not included in the Kernel would be needing an installation and update manually.
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