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Default Simple lumberjack job by Pumpkin[V2 Released!]

Hello guys.This is simple lumberjack job filterscript.
I haven't scripted for few years and i did this small script for a warmup before starting with scripting again.

V2 released!

So here's what it contains:

Small lumbercamp
Picking up chainsaws from bunkhouse.
Changing clothing to safety gear.
Harvesting trees with chainsaw.
Spliting trees!
Falling trees!(Still working on it)

It takes about 30 seconds to chop down one tree.You get 100$ for each tree you cut ,75$ for each spliting.
Tree stump will stay for 2,5 minutes and after that tree will grow back.
The script is in beta and im still working on it.
No hate please ,cheers

Few pictures:

Download link[NEW]


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