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Default nPawn - latest Pawn in SA-MP

This plugin updates Pawn to the latest version from CompuPhase's repository without loss of original API.

Overview of main Pawn changes:

1. Structures
PHP Code:
new msg[.text{30}, .priority];
msg.priority 10;
strpack(msg.text"update: {30} means [30 char]");
2. Enumerated lists
PHP Code:
// from
const filemode:
io_read 0/* file must exist */
io_write/* creates a new file */
io_readwrite/* opens an existing file, or creates a new file */
io_append/* appends to file (write-only) */

3. Lots of new natives in Pawn includes, e. g., functions that were added to
PHP Code:
native boolfcopy(const source[], const target[]);
native boolfrename(const oldname[], const newname[]);
native boolfcreatedir(const name[]);
native boolfstat(name[], &size 0, &timestamp 0, &mode 0, &inode 0);
native boolfattrib(const name[], timestamp=0attrib=0x0f);
native filecrc(const name[]);

// ini reader
native readcfg(const filename[]=``'', const section[]=``'', const key[], value[], size=sizeof value, const defvalue[]=``''bool:pack=true);
native readcfgvalue(const filename[]=``'', const section[]=``'', const key[], defvalue=0);
native boolwritecfg(const filename[]=``'', const section[]=``'', const key[], const value[]);
native boolwritecfgvalue(const filename[]=``'', const section[]=``'', const key[], value);
native booldeletecfg(const filename[]=``'', const section[]=``'', const key[]=``''); 
Also you can read about changes at official page:

Changes and additions for API that aren't related to Pawn update:

1. Callback arguments are packed
2. It's safe to use packed strings with SA-MP functions
3. Some natives like GetPlayerName/GetWeaponName/etc got argument bool:ispacked=true at end.
4. format native that was taken from AMXMODX has been replaced with Pawn's strformat.
5. New include: It includes Vector3-powered versions of some SA-MP functions that have "Vec" suffix. Vector3 is a structure with fields Float, Float:y and Float:z. Example of usage:
PHP Code:
new pos[Vector3];
pos.+= 20.0;

Known issues:

- filterscripts crash the server. Looks like it will not be fixed because it will break support of most SA-MP versions or/and reduce performance
- Some plugins may not work with nPawn. Most of sampgdk-based plugins will not work.

Source code:
Binaries (Windows/Linux plugin and pawncc):
Resources (updated includes and examples):

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