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Default Re: A little problem with gang zones (only create gang zones)

Originally Posted by Seif_
Show us where and how you created them.
I create the gang zone with Xtreme Vehicle Plotter and i put correctly the creategangzone, new gangzone and all.

Please help!

In ongamemodeinit:

	lcn = GangZoneCreate(1098,173, -2104,27, 1546,908, -1847,667);
	abogar = GangZoneCreate(1577,33, -1879,249, 1691,416, -1681,862);
	policia = GangZoneCreate(1364,372, -1737,13, 1554,513, -1547,639);
	grove = GangZoneCreate(2212,404, -1954,256, 2710,575, -1598,959);
In the top of the script:

new lcn; new abogar; new policia; new grove;
And in onplayerspawn:

      GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, grove, 0x00FF0096);
		  GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, policia, 0x0000FF96);
 			GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, abogar, 0xFFFFFF96);
 			GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, lcn, 0x00000096);
Please help!

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