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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3.7 R2 client update (optional)

Thanks for the fix ! It's really good that you also updated them on the downloads page, many server hosts aren't upgrading the server package if it isn't on the main downloads page. Also, this client update is great, it prevents query spoofing finally, so there won't be servers making the lists mad.

The PlayerPlaySound update is really unexpected, as I said before I think that it is just a quick thing backported from 0.4a because some beta testers wanted it probably. Thanks !

Can't wait for the next major version, until then, thanks for patching these problems in the last month ! These spoofing exploits really made the community unsure about the future. Also, I hope you will keep posting like you did in the last month, it's really nice to see you talking here with us, even if just having fun.

P.S.: On the downloads page the server version is R2-1-1, you should change it to R2-2-1. As I said before, many hosts won't upgrade if the package isn't there. Maybe you want to upgrade it when you will make sure that it is 100% stable.

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