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Default Deer Hunter Job

(JOB): Deer Hunter

Hello! I'm back with a new FS.

In this new FS, is a new job, inspired on Nephrite Servers (JADE/RUBY).

Commands / Money

- [/getjob] - to get Hunter Job
- [/quitjob] - give up
- [/work] - to start hunting

- if u kill Deep from a distance lower than 20m, u failed and you don't receive your money
- if u kill Deep from a distance between [20, 39]m, u will get $1000 + a random part of 500$ (u can edit that)
- if u kill Deep from a distance bigger than 40m, u will got a bonus in money



**sorry for last topic, i forgot to put pastebin and i screw up with tittle
***I will update the FS in few days, making deers move, making it harder to fire them
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