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Default Re: Using BlueG's MySQL plugin R7 (with cache)

Nothing is forcing people to update to the new "method", as threaded queries from R6/R6-2 work perfectly. But there are a few cases when scripters should:
1. When they want to organize their code structure better (example: move minigame query results to the minigame block of the code instead of having it in OnQueryFinish),
2. When they need to pass extra parameters to the query finishing callback and the playerid and extraid parameter of OnQueryFinish won't do (or even worse if you use PVars, GVars or even arrays to store this information),
3. When dealing with rather large sets of data and/or more than 1 row of data (in such cases, the caching is notably faster as mentioned in the previous posts).

Any more questions/ideas/suggestions/requests, let me know!
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