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Post Jizzy Online Shop [Perfect Shop System]

Jizzy Online Shop Delivery in 3 Second's

Hey Guys Its My Second FS That I Wanted to Show You Guys I Hope You Like This And i will be happy to See your Suggestion's About me or what better to do :


  1. A Perfect Using Of Dialog's
  2. 4 Different Shop Menu's
  3. Got 9 Different Weapons
  4. Got 7 Different Masks
  5. Got 7 Different Glasses
  6. Got 10 different Hats
  7. Got Nitro In menu
  8. Got 9 different Vehicle's
  9. Got 6 Different Food With Healing & Drunk Ability
  10. Got Perfect Notices
  11. Editing Objects Attached to player
  12. So more That You Need Try This FS To See Abilities ...


/Shophelp >> To See List of commands
/shop >> To See Shop menu
/editaccess (/ea) >> To Edit one of attached objects (Hat/Mask/Glass)
/deleteaccess (/da) >> To Remove One of Attached objects
/destroyveh >> remove Bought Vehicle

Screen Shots


I Think Its Clear Script But Maybe It Will Be Bugged In High Amount Of Vehicle's (Maybe) And Also Maybe Some Text Problems About my Lang


Thanks To :
  1. Samp Team For (
  2. ZeeX For (
  3. ****** For (Sscanf)
  4. Me [R]amin_ For Scripting

And Here Is Download link :

Thank You For Giving Your Golden Time To Me

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