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Default Weird Lag on Windows 10 / Volume Control Fix

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well during this Quarantine.

On topic now; I have a very good solid build. Ryzen 5 2600, RX Vega 56, 16GB of RAM etc.
SA:MP runs fluently locked 90 FPS all the time, but at some points there's a sudden vissible "lag" meanwhile no FPS drop. While on rest games using the Windows Volume Control, it causes lag, here's the opposite. Whenever i get those "laggy" moments, using my Volume Control will fix it and get me a smooth gaming for a little bit.. Keep in mind I use a 144Hz monitor which 90FPS constant lock is visible difference, but those laggy moments feels like FPS go down at 60 or something (PC still reports 89-93 FPS though)

I am using Windows 10 Pro x64 (18362). All my drivers are updated, AMD on latest 20.4.2 etc. Audio card updated to latest Realtek drivers etc. This does not happen on Single Player, only on SA:MP and I've tried numerous servers to see (so if it was textdraw of some certain server or so).. Happens even with F7 and hidden text. I'll try to capture a video of it.

What I have tried:
-Updated every single driver (BIOS, Chipset, AMD, Audio etc)
-Run SA:MP with admin rights
-Disabled Compatibility -> Fullscreen optimization
-Removed any stats/screen info about FPS (RivaTuner or Fraps)
-CLEAN installation of GTA:SA/SA:MP (R4) (even deleting gta_sa.set and samp config etc)
-Tried other gta_sa.exe's.
-Different servers, few without any textdraw or weird GUI text etc
-Local server with default sa:mp scripts
-PC is always on High Performance mode, CPU stock or 4Ghz overclock, same for the GPU. (apparently I'm certain this is not Hardware related but, but software one or settings.)
-Tried crashes.asi who someone told me maybe it could help me uncap my FPS just for test (ikr 100+ is bugged gameplay) - Did not work at all. Just helped run SA-MP on window with instant alt-enter press.

Every other game is running fluently on my computer, only SA:MP is getting this laggy bug, idk why.

Game runs 5% cpu, 5% gpu. I tried DirectX 2 (Graphic Mod) the other day (couldn't get it to work on SA:MP though) and game on single player was running perfect, 40 percent cpu, 60-70 percent on GPU. I just don't get why SA:MP get's laggy while reporting 90 FPS at some points.. It happens on random moments or when I change camera (or re-center it).. Any idea on what else I could try to solve this?
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