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Default MySQL DB Manager - Easily manage your MySQL databases with this remote application

MySQL DB Manager v1.0

Released on 19th July 2012.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

This application allows you to easily control your MySQL databases/tables remotely and directly from your computer! No need of connecting to your hoster, then logging in, then finding correct DB/table, etc.! Reason that I created this app is that I wanted to see my C# skills since I went to learn C++, so I gave a try at C#, and also wanted to do something usefull for this community since I was not available pretty much time (here on SAMP)! Although this app indeed does execute same functions like you would have to do in "SQL Command" at your DB hoster, I think it will be helpfull for someone in some cases! Furthermore in this post, you'll be taken through explanations on how-to do something and how to easily manage your MySQL stuff! The application itself is pretty much colorfull and explanatory, so when and if you do something wrong/right, it will say that you did something wrong/right in nice, corresponding colors!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Take a look on the app!

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

There are several application commands that will make your managing easier!

help - display help message and commands list
clear - clear whole application
disconnect - disconnect from current connection, choose new connection
reconnect - reconnect to connection that you are/were already connected to
close - close application
credits - self explanatory :P
info - application info such as app version, release date, creation date, update date, etc.
coninfo - connection info (displays host, DB, etc. that you are currently connected to)
mysql - prepare app for executing MySQL commands (NOTE: you must use this before executing command itself, otherwise nothing will happen)!

Also, when executing MySQL commands, you can, but dont have to put the semi-colon ( " ; ")!

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Well, there is currently a bug/glitch, which is: if you put spaces pretty much times in everything (spaces in host, spaces in port, spaces in username, spaces in password, spaces in database), application will still (somehow) connect even though you havent defined ANYTHING from host to database! So, dont abuse that and it'll be good!

Report more bugs, if you find any!

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


Mediafire (v1.0, application + MySQL.Data.dll) (recommended)

Mediafire (v1.0, source)

Mirrors not allowed!!

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


P.S. I know that thread is a bit small, but eh... quality > quantity :P
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