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Default Re: (MAPPING) A new modern version of Map Construction?

Originally Posted by Mrhind View Post

1.- I don't know what the current interface affects you, it seems friendly to me.

2.- About the category of objecs, I am working on something similar with my Software.
Although, MapConstruction has this option, unless you've never used it.
(Click me for view the image)

3.- I think using TextureStudio inside the server is much better than using MapConstruction.
Although, I have never used that alternative (Text. Studio), I have always been a fan of using MapConst. but in any case, for tastes colors.

It is only an opinion and point of view.
Originally Posted by RenanMsV View Post
@Sasino97 is developing a new tool to make maps and more.

[In Development] A New Powerful Scene Editor -

But you can always fork this and add the features you want.
Shouldn't be that hard, I mean, if you know delphi.
That looks really good tbh. Although the creator haven't reply for months so..

If we could have someone who could make it, or with a team ect, that would tremendous. Map Editor needs a good remake to keep up with all other programs. I'll edit the first post.
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