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Default Re: MySQL load vehicles issue

Originally Posted by Vizi10 View Post
pawn Code:
for(new j = 1; j < sizeof(CarInfo); j++)
i think this must be
pawn Code:
foreach(new j : Vehicle)
for(new j = 1; j < GetVehiclePoolSize(); j++)

CarInfo new like this?:
pawn Code:
new CarInfo[MAX_VEHICLES][CarEnum];

Your second mistake is use break;
This break the loop and not continue and car id in database right but in server diffrent ids...
If i delete break; Server spawn me 1000 same vehicles in my area, which cause massive lag.
Of course i use
PHP Code:
new CarInfo[600][cInfo]; 
My old loading sistem on y_ini going like this

PHP Code:
for(new 1sizeof(CarInfo); h++)
format(vstrsizeof(vstr), "NBCRP/Vehicles/%d.ini"h);
INI_ParseFile(vstr"LoadVehicles", .bExtra true, .extra h);
CarInfo[h][cOwned] == || CarInfo[h][cModel] == 0)
CarInfo[h][cID] = NBC_CreateVehicle(510, -804.53843791.850639.4313+hCarInfo[h][cAngle], CarInfo[h][cColorOne], CarInfo[h][cColorTwo], 60000);
CarInfo[h][cID] = NBC_CreateVehicle(CarInfo[h][cModel], CarInfo[h][cLocationx], CarInfo[h][cLocationy], CarInfo[h][cLocationz]+1.0CarInfo[h][cAngle], CarInfo[h][cColorOne], CarInfo[h][cColorTwo], 60000);
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