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Default Re: MySQL load vehicles issue

Originally Posted by Filip21 View Post
PHP Code:
mysql_format(mysqlquerysizeof(query), "SELECT * FROM `vehicles`");

forward LoadVehicles();
1sizeof(CarInfo); j++)
cache_get_field_content(j-1"ID"data); CarInfo[j][cID] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"CarID"data); CarInfo[j][cCarID] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Owned"data); CarInfo[j][cOwned] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Owner"data); strmid(CarInfo[j][cOwner], data0strlen(data), 64);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Model"data); CarInfo[j][cModel] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Location_X"data); CarInfo[j][cLocationx] = floatstr(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Location_Y"data); CarInfo[j][cLocationy] = floatstr(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Location_Z"data); CarInfo[j][cLocationz] = floatstr(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Angle"data); CarInfo[j][cAngle] = floatstr(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Color_1"data); CarInfo[j][cColorOne] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"Color_2"data); CarInfo[j][cColorTwo] = strval(data);
cache_get_field_content(j-1"VirtualWorld"data); CarInfo[j][cVirWorld] = strval(data);

CarInfo[j][cOwned] == || CarInfo[j][cModel] == 0)
CarInfo[j][cCarID] = NBC_AddStaticVehicleEx(510, -804.53843791.850639.4313+jCarInfo[j][cAngle], CarInfo[j][cColorOne], CarInfo[j][cColorTwo], 600000);
CarInfo[j][cCarID] = NBC_AddStaticVehicleEx(CarInfo[j][cModel], CarInfo[j][cLocationx], CarInfo[j][cLocationy], CarInfo[j][cLocationz]+1.0CarInfo[j][cAngle], CarInfo[j][cColorOne], CarInfo[j][cColorTwo], 600000);

Again same..
Vehicle ID is 503 not ID 1.

Originally Posted by Kwarde View Post
It appears you are referring to 'vehicleid' (The server's vehicle id, created with AddStaticVehicle/CreateVehicle). If you want this to be 1-1000 ingame (like in the MySQL server), make sure to load these vehicles before any other vehicles.

CarInfo[*][cID] should countain the ID from the MySQL database. The CarID is probably the ID that must be used in-game? You should not save such data to the database. Especially since you're re-assigning it afterwards anyway.
Hm, I loading private vehicles first, then all others, that is not a problem.
I store Vehicle Number into my database and then using that Vehicle Number i want to load that car.
Seeing old system on Y_INI all loading values must go trough CarInfo loop then under that values car spawns.
When i do that, server created same vehicle more than 600 times.
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