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Default Samp won't open, help me please :(

Hello, I am Turkish, I could not find the solution to the problem in Turkish forums so I am writing here. I translate these articles with ****** translate because i know little english. so I'm sorry. Samp has stopped working while working on my computer. it doesn't even give an error when I press it to connect. only the mouse loading sign comes up and there is no response.

I tried these, but it still won't open;
Delete and re-install SA-MP.
Delete GTA SA User files.
Trying out all compatibility modes.
Updating the DirectX version.
+ gta san andreas can be opened but samp is not.

please help me

My system;
NVIDIA GeForce 820M 2GB
Intel I5 5200U 2.20Ghz
Windows 10
4GB Ram

(I have translated this article with ****** translate sorry i know little english.)

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