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Default Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Zeus's Cops And Robbers


New Vegas Cops and Robbers is one of the cleanest, efficient and optimized Cops and Robbers game mode currently available at SA-MP Forums. Since this game mode is a gem and was no longer updated. Therefore, this was the best script I could put my hands on to toy around. I used NVCNR as a base for ZCNR and scrapped a lot of code out of NVCNR. Though, the core is still NVCNR. (This script wasn't really bugged though, whatsoever.)

Original New Vegas Cops And Robbers Statistics.

Script Birth: Early 2010
- Script Developer: Weponz
- Starting Version: 1.0
- Current Version: 2.3 (13 major updates)
- Script Build: pawn, zcmd, sscanf2, foreach, y_ini, Whirlpool, streamer, y_timers, CheckpointManager, GetVehicleColor
- Script Line Count: 28,466 lines
- Script Bugs: None Known
Original NVCNR Features.

1. Las Venturas(New Vegas) map utilized ONLY(All main bridges blocked off)
2. Unique New Vegas Square location across from NVPD
3. Six(6) Classes:
- Civilians - No Restrictions
- Cops - No Restrictions
- CIA - Restricted to Law Degree
- FBI - Restricted to Law Degree
- Army - Restricted to Defense Degree
- Medic - Restricted to Medical Degree
4. Unique to NVCNR: Master Degrees(Skills):
- Real Estate Degree - Own up to 5 houses and 5 businesses(3 default) + ability to sell owned properties to players at any price
- Law Degree - Access to CIA/FBI classes and vehicles
- Defense Degree - Access to Army class and vehicles
- Medical Degree - Access to Medic class and features
- Mechanical Degree - Ability to fix and refuel any vehicle at any price
- Dealership Degree- Own up to 5 vehicles(3 default) + ability to sell owned vehicles to players at any price
- Weapon Degree - Ability to sell/buy/get materials and guns to anyone at anytime at any price
5. User/Admin/VIP System:
- User System:
- Everything saves from health/armour to relog positions, guns, holdup and arrest count to warn and join count and more.
- Ability to change your password at anytime
- Ability to view any players statistics or wealth at anytime
- Ability to report online players to online admins
- Access to Player Control Panel
- Admin System:
- Levels Include: Trial Admin(1), Server Admin(2), Head Admin(3), Owner(4)
- Event System with joining commands(/join) and vehicle/weapon setting commands.
- Object Creation System: Create, Set, Move and Edit created objects(No restrictions)
- Duty System: /onduty changes to admin skin/color and you cant die or be arrested or robbed.
- Warning, Caging, Spetating and Banning/Kicking Systems
- Access to admin server activity message log
- Access to Admin Control Panel
- Approx 50+ admin commands including object and event commands
- VIP System:
- Levels Include: Bronze(1), Silver(2), Gold(3), Platinum(4)
- Evade all taxes and medical fees
- Access weapon spawning commands at anytime
- Access health setting commands at anytime
- Access vehicle modification, refueling, repairing and flipping commands at anytime
- Hide wanted level with a single command(Changes marker orange)
- Access to private VIP chat channel
- Ability to make VIP announcements
- Ability to change to any skin id at anytime
- Ability to save and load positions
- Ability to heal yourself every 3 mins
- Access to Admin Tower and Hanger
6. Dynamic Housing System:
- Create houses in-game(1 command, completely automatic)
- 5 interiors: 1 story house, 2 story house, small mansion, large mansion, apartment
- Civilians have a chance to /breakin
- Law Enforcement can /raid
- Owners can give up to 10 house keys to players at a time(saves)
- Owners can edit there house name(3d text)
- Own up to 3 houses on default
- Own up to 5 houses with a Real Estate Degree
- Own up to 7 houses as a VIP
7. Dynamic Business System:
- Create businesses in-game(1 command, completely automatic)
- 1 interior: 24/7 store and menu + gun menu
- Owner earns 25% of each sale made(Even if owner is offline)
- Business value grows 9-10K each sale made
- When sold, 50% of the businesses value is given to owner, regardless of the buying price
- Owner can withdraw business earnings at anytime
- Civilians have a chance to rob a business(Only if the owner is online, else the robbery fails)
- Owners can edit there business name(3d text)
- Own up to 3 businesses on default
- Own up to 5 businesses with a Real Estate Degree
- Own up to 7 businesses as a VIP
8. Personal Vehicle System:
- Purchase from a range of Sports Cars, Motor Bikes or Special Vehicles
- Sports Cars Include: Infernus, Bullet, Comet, Banshee, Super-GT, Sultan, Elegy
- Motor Bikes Include: NRG-500, FCR-900, PCJ-600, Sanchez
- Special Vehicles Include: Maverick, Vortex, Monster Truck, Bandito, Quad Bike
- Own up to 3 vehicles on default
- Own up to 5 vehicles with a Dealership Degree
- Own up to 7 vehicles as a VIP
9. Robbery System:
- A total of 36 robberies with 20 robbery commands
- Each robbery takes 25 secs
- Robberies have a 0/3 chance of robbery success
- Each robbery place cannot be robbed within 2 mins from the last robbery
- Banks, Casinos, HQ's, Bar, Gym and the Club are high rank robberies(Random: $49 + $1K)
- Ammunations, 24/7 Stores, Cluck'n Bells, Burger Shots and Well Stacked Pizzas are low ranked robberies(Random: $19 + $1K)
- Locations:
- 5x Burger Shots
- 3x Cluck'n Bells
- 4x 24/7 Stores
- 6x Ammunations
- 4x Banks
- 1x Well Stacked Pizzas
- 1x Emerald Isle Casino
- 1x Caligulas Casino
- 1x 4 Dragons Casino
- 1x Redsands Casino
- 1x New Vegas Casino
- 1x NVPD
- 1x New Vegas FBI HQ
- 1x New Vegas CIA HQ
- 1x New Vegas City Hall
- 1x New Vegas Bar
- 1x New Vegas Gym
- 1x New Vegas University
- 1x New Vegas Club
10. Bank System:
- A total of four(4) Branches Including: New Vegas Square, El Quebrados, Fort Carson and Las Barrancas
- Deposit/WithdrawTransfer or view your Balance at any Bank
- Purchase from a range of Bank Loans including: Budget Loan[$1M], Economy Loan[$3M], Investment Loan[$5M] or Wealth Loan[$10M]
- Each loan is 25% interest of the loan amount taken(ie. Budget loan = 1.25M debt)
- Credit Check System: All debt owing must be paid before loans can be taken
- Gain 1.5% in interest on your bank funds every 1 hour
11. Lotto System:
- Purchase lottery tickets from a 24/7 store or business for your chance to win
- 6 numbers are randomly generated for each lottery ticket
- The draw is drawn every 10 mins
- Multiple players can win at one time
- Winning Include:
- 1 Number Correct = $250K
- 2 Numbers Correct = $750K
- 3 Numbers Correct = $1M
- 4 Numbers Correct = $5M
- 5 Numbers Correct = $7M
- 6 Numbers Correct = $10M [MAX WIN]
12. Gym System:
- Boxing Ring has a entering checkpoint
- Purchase from a range fighting styles
- Fighting Styles Include:
- Elbow Style
- Boxer Style
- Grab and Kick Style
- Kung Fu Style
13. Jail System
- Being arrested means 4 mins jail
- Prisoners have the ability to escape
- Civilians have the ability to break out prisoners
- Law enforcement have the ability to bail out prisoners
14. Service Station System:
- 8x Street Service Stations(Cars/Bikes)
- 1x Bayside Marina Service Stations(Boats)
- 1x Airport Service Station(Planes and Helis)
- Repair and Refuel your vehicle at any service station
- Modify your vehicle with every possible SA:MP modification(saves for owned vehicles) at any service station
- Choose from a range of Neon lights to your owned vehicle(saves) at any service station
15. Tax System:
- Pay 0.75% General Taxes of your current wealth higher than $1M and lower than $5M ever hour
- Pay 1.5% Wealth Taxes of your current wealth higher than $5M ever hour
- Pay random 10K property taxes for 1 or more houses
- Pay random 20K property taxes for 1 or more businesses
- Players with wealth lower than $1M evade taxes
- VIPs evade taxes altogether
and much MUCH more...
New Features

1. Roadblocks Removed. (You're now not limited to LV.)
2. Wanted level saves even after you die. (You'll still be wanted after respawning.)
3. Medics can interact with shops now. (Medics can buy food and guns now.)
4. Unoccupied Vehicles can get damaged now. (Like Original game.)
5. Gas tank explosion feature. (Like Original game.)
6. New Damage Textdraw.(Intensity of textdraw depends on the damage you take, can be Edited Under OnPlayerTakeDamage (ShowBloodScreen Function.)
7. Removed a Custom Mapped House from the script at LV (Threshold's Map.)
8. Removed the dull /help dialog showing everytime you respawn. (Now /help triggers a beautiful textdraw menu which can be closed by pressing LMB. (Fire key.)
9. Anticheat now also deals with Airbrake and Speed Hacks.
10. LS has now cars spawned (SF doesn't still; Originally Vehicles were limited to LV.)
11. Removed the NVCNR Zone Names and added Original Zone names.
12. Updated Speed-o-meter with colorful textdraws.
13. Added a beautiful "Rules" Textdraw when the player connects rather than the dull gametext which says "Welcome to NVCNR."
14. New and Better Dialogs. (Colorful)
15. OnPlayerRequestClass scrapped and redone with animations when you browse skins.
16. Incomplete car shop at Las Venturas. (Just Checkpoint added XD)
17. More Robberies in LS and SF, and car shops can be created by replicating the original dialogs easily. (Not exactly a new feature but what I planned on doing.)
18. Added a new FPS counter above the HP Bar. (Works perfectly.)
19. Dull /rules dialog removed, rather shows the same textdraw which it showed OnPlayerConnect.
20. Added more skins for Civillians and Cops.
21. Added Gameday + Gametime (Days and Weather changes accordingly.)
Plugins Required -

Includes Required -

#include <YSI\y_ini>//Credits to ******
#include <zcmd>//Credits to ZeeX
#include <sscanf2>//Credits to ******
#include <foreach>//Credits to ******
#include <streamer>//Credits to Incognito
#include <CheckpointManager>//Credits to João Pedro Lopes
#include <GetVehicleColor>//Credits to RyDeR`
#include <YSI\y_timers>//Credits to ******
#include <bloodscreen> // credits goes to Jstylezzz
#include <a_vshot> // Main Credits goes to Admigo
#include <iBox> // I completely revamped it.
Credits -

1. Weponz - Founder
2. SA:MP - Callbacks and Functions and GetXYPosInFrontOfPlayer
3. ****** - Whirlpool, sscanf2, y_ini and y_timers
4. ZeeX - ZCMD
5. Incognito - Streamer Plugin
6. Joao Pedro Lopes - Checkpoint Manager
7. RyDeR` - GetVehicleColor
8. [HiC]TheKiller - Group chat system
9. Garsino - Parts of GarHouse v1.0 for NVCNR_house
10. Donya - Vehicle mod prices array and IsPlayerInInvalidNosVehicle
11. Mauzen - Anti D-AMX script, IsPlayerSkydiving and IsPlayerUsingParachute stocks
12. DracoBlue - IsNumeric, PropertySet stock and dprop_PRIVATE_hash
13. MP2 - Cuff fall over script
14. DopeX / [ND]xXZeusXx / Ritzy - Updated Gamemode.
15. JStylezzz - for blood screen include
16. Threshold - Helping me along the way.
17. Admigo -
Note:- You require the original NVCNR Scriptfiles, NPC Elvis and includes.
Important Note:- You Need to Edit the or use The original NVCNR one or the exit checkpoint won't appear / sometimes the checkpoint may look abnormally large too!

Download Link -

Good luck with it! I hope you enjoy this

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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Good Job Bro.
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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Nice job :O
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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Very nice.
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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

thanks lol.

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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Need This Hit Me Up To Have This

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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

nice release!

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Default Respuesta: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Very good work, very useful!
No permitas que un juego destruya una amistad, o mucho más. Yo lo permití y ahora me arrepiento.
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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Well this is one of the good ways to learn scripting
keep it up!
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Default Re: Zeus's Cops And Robbers - NVCNR Edit.

Good Job +1
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