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Default Advanced Fireworks

Advanced Fireworks v1.0

I'm plowing a bit through old scripts I made for SA-MP some years ago and trying to update and release what I can. This is the first script from that batch and I don't think many similar scripts are out there. (At least on similar level.) Also, the timing is hopefully excellent, just before the new year.

Anyway, this little script allows players on your server to put down and launch their own firework shows. There are 5 different fireworks, each with some additional settings like size and color. After the player has put down a firework piece, he is granted a detonator to launch the fireworks or he can wait and put down more to chain them together.

If preferred, it's also possible to set the script to admin-only in the script settings.

Ingame commands

The fireworks menu can be opened by typing either /firework or /fireworks.

The fireworks can be launched by pressing the left mouse button while holding the detonator item.

Ingame video

(Original video thread from Januari 2012)


Download v1.0
View source code

Note: This script "requires" the Streamer Plugin, which you can download here. If you really don't want to use the Streamer Plugin, you can download the source code and set the USE_STREAMER value to false. Recompile it and the script will use the default SA-MP functions.

Feel free to post suggestions, constructive criticism, questions, bugs and feedback below.

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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

Very Creative.
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

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Default Respuesta: Advanced Fireworks

Good job men!
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

Why its doesnt explode? Or show any color? Its just launch and do nothing.
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

Nicely done
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

You were late, new year party was last night sir
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

Nice work
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks

Wow Good job
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We are working on it. Just wait us!! Soon updating to hosted tap after finished.
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Default Re: Advanced Fireworks


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