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Default ChatLogSaver - No more "I Lost my logs"!

Most of players either forget to get a back-up copy for the chatlog or doesn't care about it but hold on, What if you need that file later? I always had this problem till today, I thought about writting a small script (Program) to do it for me, And I wanted to share it, Maybe somebody will need it, Who knows.

So, This script/Program would save your chatlog file right after you quit the game, The log would be saved in a custome path (Which you would select, For sure.)

The version 0.2 (Which is the last version) have a config file which include the SA-MP Documents folder and a folder to save the chatlogs in, By default it would be in a folder named "SavedLogs" in SA-MP Documents folder.
The config file will have the first line as SAMP Folder (Documents) and the second line have to be the path where to save the logs.
Empty lines won't be counted.

You should edit that manually as it doesn't require anythign special.

Logs format:
I would organize the files by Server IP in a folder whenever I'm not lazy to do so.
For Questions/Bug reports either drop a PM or a reply.

The program is open-source, You're free to edit the script and use it as long as you keep the credits (Author name).
Github Link:

Offering programming/scripting services. PM for more info.

[Tool]Server Control Panel
[Tool]Server Control Panel Version 2
[Tool]ChatLog Saver
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