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Big Clucker
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Default "Function" your variable-names - Make your life easier!

(Note!: My mainlanguage is german.)

"Function" your variable-names - Make your life easier!

Because there are many guys who write there code like the example[1] below, i now want to tell you an easier way to done.

[1] the example - Actualy used.
PHP Code:
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] == 1)
SendClientMessage(playeridYOUR_COLOR"You`re: Moderator");
else if(
PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] == 2)
SendClientMessage(playeridYOUR_COLOR"You`re: Supporter");
else if(
PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] == 3)
SendClientMessage(playeridYOUR_COLOR"You`re: Administrator");

Result for Rank 2"You`re Supporter" 

You now always have to repeat this wherever you want to add the rankname. /ban command, /kick command, maybe a /say command and freaking everywhere, where you want to show the current rankname.

With a easy method you are able to reduce your needed code and to make your life easier. Just check the example[2]!

[2] the example - Should be used.
PHP Code:
0:{result="No Admin";}

By adding this in your script, you are able to use this everywhere. For some scripting examples watch the example[3].

[3] the example - How it works
PHP Code:
new string[64];
format(string,sizeof(string),"You`re: %s",GetPlayerAdminName(playerid));

Result for Rank 2"You`re: Supporter" 

You can use this for every.
Examples: GetPlayerFactionName | GetPlayerVehicleName | GetPlayerAnyThingName ...

Also it dosnt have to be a player-based function. You can use this for everything.

How does it works?
PHP Code:
GetPlayerAdminName(playerid//Giving the function a name. Can be anything.
result[14]; //creating a string where the output will be stored in.
switch(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin]) //switching the variable. In this case we switch the players adminrank.
0:{result="No Admin";}//in the case the player got the adminrank zero, we would call him "No Admin"
case 1:{result="Moderator";}//in the case 1, moderator.
case 2:{result="Supporter";}//etc...
case 3:{result="Administrator";}
result;//after the switch is done, and the "result" is now filled with the players adminname, we return the result.

#Best Regards.
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