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Big Clucker
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Question Confusion SA-MP Plugins on Linux Branches

I come up with this confusion about loading plugins for Linux,
All i know linux OS's are expended to so many branches as i see plugin developers for SA-MP:

- Debian
- CentOS
- Fedora
- OpenSUSE

Do all plugins that are released for linux based systems will work or it must be for/from same branch
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Default Re: Confusion SA-MP Plugins on Linux Branches

Usually, when plugins are released like that, the release may have binaries which are compiled in different distros. While this can guarantee the functionality of a plugin in such distro, it may just as well work for another one. This is made to guarantee compatibility, especially for plugins that use dependencies that are sensitive with that kind of stuff.

Think of it as PC periphals. You can buy a mouse or a keyboard that says "MADE FOR WINDOWS 7/8/10/11/69", but it may just work as well in a Mac or in a Linux distro, but you can't be certain unless you try it.

Some plugins manage to have a generic Linux that just works in all of them, this is because they don't depend on libraries that can be different per OS, which relies totally on the things the plugin uses.

Keep in mind that this doesn't apply only to SA-MP plugins. Most Linux software online do this too, to have better compatibility.
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