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Huge Clucker
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Default [=: J-Administration :=][FS]


This is a basic Administration filterscript that I started creating September last year. Initially it was going to be a gamemode, I had written it whilst applying for a developers position at a friends server. Later on after I was accepted I re-wrote it into a filterscript and kept it as an Admin script.

It has a lot of stuff that's useful and If enough people are interested I will continue to update it. As it stands, it hasn't been touched since September last year, except the /makeadmin command which i wrote this morning. So it still uses alot of un-optimized crappy-ish code that needs updating. However, it works perfectly and works fine.

It should be stable, but just in case I have opened a project for it at my bug tracker where you can report and bugs and request features. To access it, use the drop down menu and select "J-Administration".

Please note, features or bug reports will not be accepted if you leave them here in this topic.

You can find full information and download it from this link

Hope you enjoy it.
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Default Re: [=: J-Administration :=][FS]

Looks nice but, Much files.

Anyways I wont using this because I already have an admin system, but this looks very nice, keep it up! .
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [=: J-Administration :=][FS]

Lol there is only 2 files. The rest is licensing and stuff. I uploaded the wrong package anyways, update it now though. Anyone who downloaded it and find a gamemode or some other thing, my bad. The right script is uploaded now. Please follow the link.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [=: J-Administration :=][FS]

Nice and fine
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