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Default [SA:MP] How to create custom lights

How to create custom lights in SA:MP?

First of all, get modding tools. You can find a lot of informations here and here. This tutorial is for 3ds Max. Really important is to install Kam's scripts (attached here).

Make an object that will display light. It can be something new, or you can export an original lamp post. If you have exported original lamp post, make sure you delete it's light before you add it's custom. In my case, I exported original lamp post so I will be deleting existing lights.

Select this to open object selection window.

Hold CTRL while clicking to select both.

Click OK and press DEL to delete it. Okay now you deleted existing lights. You don't need to do this if your object is made from scratch.

Creating omni light.

Select omni light here. Now click somewhere in the scene to create it.

Once you have created it, position it where you want it to be.

Connecting the light with lamp post.

When this expand, focus thing pops up, close it >

Drag the Omni1 below your object so it looks like this:

Now choose this option >

Click and drag a line. Start of the line must be from the Omni1!

Light color.

Now go to GTA tools and open 2dfx settings. Click "Get" and then edit the color as you like. Once you have done it, click "Set to selected Lights".

Light settings.

You can choose the behaviour of the light. In my case I will select "m Lamp Post" to make light static. You could use different options, flashing etc. Flashing is enabled under "Show mode" - "L_ANIM_SPD".

Click "Set to selected lights".


Do the usual process, export dff, import in kdff, make col, save new dff file. Base object ID doesn't matter in artconfig.

In-game preview:

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Default Re: [SA:MP] How to create custom lights

This is sick, really useful!
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Default Re: [SA:MP] How to create custom lights

Yet another amazing tutorial!
Thank you.
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