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Big Clucker
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Default Can't find my server in internet tab

Hello everybody.

I've got a SA-MP 0.3.7 server which is running on a Virtual Windows Server 2012.
A few days ago I noticed that my server isn't listed on the internet-tab. Since about one year it's possible to use the internet-tab again, so I'm a bit wondered about the fact that I can't find my server there, even if I set "announce" to 1 on my server.cfg.

Did I miss something?

Here's my server.cfg file:

echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 0
rcon_password *************
maxplayers 50
port 7777
hostname *************
gamemode0 **************
announce 1
plugins streamer
query 1
weburl ****************
rcon 1
maxnpc 3
onfoot_rate 40
incar_rate 40
weapon_rate 40
stream_distance 300.0
stream_rate 1000
mapname San Andreas
language German, English, Deutsch, Englisch
logtimeformat [%d/%m | %H:%M:%S]
I replaced some informations with *** to not getting reported for advertisement.

Is there anything except "announce" I have to focus to?
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Can't find my server in internet tab

Allow connections at port 7777 protocol UDP in the firewall.
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