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Big Clucker
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Default How to set time for player

Hello everyone

I want set time for player .

Ex : prisonfreezetime player 45'

When prison player . They /time show time to free = 45 minutes . But time not run . It will run if player work

Problem : how to set 45' for player . Gettime() + 60*45 ??

Help me pls . And sorry my english . Thanks all very much ...
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Default Re: How to set time for player

save as new variable - seconds.

at the top of the code
PHP Code:
new PrisonSeconds[MAX_PLAYERS];
when player goes in jail.
PHP Code:
PrisonSeconds[playerid] = 60*45//60 sec x 45 min = 2700 so code will calculate himself
PrisonTimer[playerid] = SetTimerEx("PrisonTimerAsSecond",1000,true,"i",playerid); 
function for prison timer
PHP Code:
forward PrisonTimerAsSecond(playerid);
PrisonSeconds[playerid] <= 0)
//unjail code here
        SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"You're free now!");

also, KillTimer when player disconnects (OnPlayerDisconnect)
PHP Code:
you can save that prison seconds in database too.

on command /time
PHP Code:
new string[128];
PrisonSeconds[playerid] < 60format(string,sizeof(string),"You have %d seconds left for freedom",PrisonSeconds[playerid]);
format(string,sizeof(string),"You have %d minutes left for freedom",PrisonSeconds[playerid] / 60);
here to help
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