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Default Re: Laptop overheating

Alright thanks
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

buy a new one, trolololo
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

Lol, usually my PC overheats, but having a laptop overheating, is sick, loool.
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

There's a fan located below the laptop if so then balance it on the arm of the chair (like I do) or stick it on a computer desk with holes (mine is ).

It helps.

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Default Re: Laptop overheating

Same thing happened to me, clean the fans you'll probably find a load of dust in there.
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

You are lucky it turns off. It detects the temperature. Just clean it... The hardware... Open it and clean.
If you don't know how to do it, or don't want to take this risk, just go in a tech shop and pay for it... It's about 40-50 euros in my country. (Portugal) I don't know about yours.
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

Chances are you have already damaged your laptop, new fan is probably needed as the bearings will be worn.
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Default Re: Laptop overheating

Originally Posted by Zh3r0 View Post
Mine used to do so, and my solution was pretty simple, take a cooler fan from a desktop computer and then connect it with an USB cable (Cut the wires and connect them to an USB port, only the ones that conduct electricity). Rise your laptop by few cm so the fan can get under, put the fan on something so it can take air and spread it, if you put it on a flat surface it does pretty much nothing but heat it up faster.

PS Put the fan under the CPU which if I'm not mistakening is on the left.
Simple. Get me?

My laptop used to close after few minutes of playing F.3.A.R.
I prefer buying 1 like this. ( I've already got one ) You'll fck your warranty. My PC stays on 90 playing games (On laptop, but i'm not using it much).
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