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Little Clucker
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Smile Re: PAWN for SA-MP in Sublime Text 3

.p(0) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: ".p"
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664 Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

1 Error.

Compilation aborted.[Finished in 0.1s]

For people getting this error, you gotta save the file as .pwn first and then compile, then your problem will be solved!

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Little Clucker
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Default Re: PAWN for SA-MP in Sublime Text 3

Originally Posted by Shomy1995 View Post
Hey everyone! I followed this tutorial and did everything exactly as said. Now I tried loading my .pwn file and building it, and I am getting the following error:
C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\samp03DL\pawno\include\ : fatal error 111: user error: Please include <a_npc> or <a_samp> first.
I have both files included in my file like this:
#include <a_samp>
#include <a_npc>
and the file works perfectly with normal pawn, no errors. Notice: I am using "Faster Pawno"

I am using SSCANF2 Version: MPL 1.1, this is on line 30 in that file:
#if defined _inc_a_npc
	#pragma library sscanf
#elseif !defined _inc_a_samp
// LINE 30	#error Please include <a_npc> or <a_samp> first.
Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Solved! Apparently doesn't work with Faster Pawno
It works but u have to edit your build system and add -Z+

for example i have this
	"cmd": ["pawncc.exe", "-i includes", "$file", "-;+", "-Z+"],
	"path": "C:/Users/Leonardo Fierro/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/SAMP Compiler/pawno" 
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: PAWN for SA-MP in Sublime Text 3

Go to Preferences>Package Control and choose Install Package and wait until a new window pops up

Preferences>Package lost!!
Wissen is Macht..
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