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Default NEF - New Evolution Freeroam


In 2011 some friend told me about a mod called "SA-MP" for GTA:SA which enables you to play online. I used to play on a stunt and freeroam server called "Underground Stunting" ( which had two servers with 250 players each at that time. I even became admin on it which was kind of a special feeling .
As I was interested in programming anyway I started to code my own gamemode.

In 2012 I opened the very first server called NG-Stunting (NGS) after working on the gamemode for about a year.

Official NGS Trailer on a famous video platform banned on this forum: watch?v=iLNT_Dw1WuE

Morpheus, the owner of Underground Stunting, banned me from his server after he found out that I was up to build my own. I was OK with that. Some features like derby were similar to his own server.
I teamed up with Epixel before the launch of NGS. He was looking for a server to join on the German SA-MP forum. He helped me testing the gamemode and coding the website for the server.

Around that time a promising player named Chris applied for admin. He was one of the most helpful and professional admin. There have been 5 levels for admins whereas level 1 was for new comers and level 5 was only for Epixel and me. Chris did such a good job that he become the 3rd Executive Administrator (Level 5).

Next Generation Stunting Website coded by Epixel (January 2012):

In 2013 ReV from Stunt Evolution (SEv2) approached me. We were negotiating about merging NGS and SEv2. NGS had a stable playerbase of 20-30 at that time. SEv2 about 80-100. NGS was may more superior in terms of features and quality whereas SEv2 had better maps and more players.
The fusion finally failed but we have already exchanged scripts at that time. I then bought SEv2 from ReV for $350 USD. Including scripts, maps, player base, forum and domains. As NGS was small and SEv2 was widely known Epixel and me decided to continue with the name SEv2.
ReV fulfilled his part of the deal by handing over everything and redirecting his server to ours. ReV statet he was not going to open another server. Nevertheless he did open another server again named "XSF" after roughly two weeks. As the SEv2 script had almost no good features, ReV copied everything from the NGS scripts over to XSF. Including complex features like /race /derby /toys, /fallout and the housing system. He did not have permission from me to do that.

Later that year we did change the name of the server from SEv2 to New Evolution Freeroam (NEF).

SEv2 Website coded by Mellnik (April 2013)
SEv2 Forum (June 2013)
NEF Website coded by Mellnik (September 2013)

In 2014 we had more growth of the playerbase. We finally reached 250 players
In addition I scripted another gamemode "Zombie Warfare" (Zwarfare) which ran on a separate server. We also reached 60 players at peak times on that one.

NEF Website coded by Mellnik (November 2014)
NEF Forum (August 2014)

In 2015 my interested in SA-MP decreased. There has been another namechange from NEF to "Havoc Server".
But later that year I eventually decided to leave SA-MP to have more time for new opportunities.

06/03/2015 We reached 250 players
07/07/2015 The final day of NEF/Havoc Server

Over the course of ~5 years I spend at least $4,000 USD and thousands of hours coding and playing SA-MP.
Because of SA-MP I was learning C++, x86 Assembly, Reverse Engineering, Web Developing, Linux and Networking.
SA-MP did change my life for sure to the good. So thank you to the creators of SA-MP and that old friend who recommended it to me.

Chris had the permission to use the Havoc script and run it for another couple of months.

In 2016 I created my own GTA5 Multiplayer Mod. Here is a video testing it with maddinat0r: https://drive.******.com/file/d/1Pid...ew?usp=sharing
It was never released and I eventually lost interested in it.


The git repository goes back all the way to 2013.

Original NEF, SEv2, NGS:
Original Havoc Server:
Original Zombie Warfare:

The SEv2 package I acquired from ReV for $350 USD: https://drive.******.com/file/d/1f5-...ew?usp=sharing

No support is given for the gamemodes.


Official NEF YT Channel: ***.com/user/nefserver/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0

All screenshots:

Thank you,
Epixel for joining, trusting and helping me.
Chris for doing a great job as the 3rd Executive Administrator of NEF.
Goldkiller from the German SA-MP Forum for his paid coding skills.
maddinat0r for fixing the MySQL Plugin back in 2013.
Morpheus from Underground Stunting for running his amazing server and having me as an admin.
Adam for donating a large amount of money to NEF. (If you see this, I hope you are well!)
Anyone who worked on SA-MP.
Anyone who donated to NEF.
Anyone who enjoyed playing on NG-Stunting, New Evolution Freeroam, Havoc Server and Zombie Warfare.

PS: SEF and Chris were the only ones with permission to use the NEF script. All other servers are fake.

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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

I'll also share my story, I joined NEF in 2014, I was new to sa-mp at that time, I was playing in another server and my friends were talking about the amazing gang system in nef, I found the ip and joined, joined with cheats tho.. I got banned by vEonz at that day then I started playing on a new clean account, made friends and had alot of fun playing. Few months passed and I became an administrator, Then, I decided to admit my past, said that I was ban evading and Chris decided to temporarily demote me for two weeks, after the two weeks have passed, Chris changed his mind and extended the punishment to forever. As a child, I was angry and decided to talk shit of the leadership and at the end I got my ban. After nef was changed to havoc, everyone was unbanned and I had the chance to play again in the server I was so addicted to, I played alot, and had the luck to be an administrator again. However, after a month or two, it was sadly closed. I and iMAD bought HAVOC from Mellnik, we opened OEF but then iMAD met a guy who was pretending to be a girl, iMAD fell in love with him and we had arguments about him, I demoted the guy then iMAD went mad and demoted me then closed OEF.. I didn't want to give up on the amazing gamemode, founded SEF with Kaperstone and Happy, we had two years of fun and then we decided to let it be and close the server! Huge thanks to you man, I really liked all of your servers, you did an amazing job!

- Maro (SEF Founder)
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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

Thank you for great memories! It was one of the best Freeroam servers. Good luck in your life.
Management & Developer @ Golden Gate Bay Roleplay.

Former developer @ IV.Digital, Prospect:RP, Core:RP, SARP, OS:RP, SC:RP, NG:RP, OG:RP, CNRSF, and SWF.
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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

This reminds me many memories. NEF was one of the best server I played (DarkBrotherHood) and still I wonder the gamemode is released. Thank you for great memories!

- Oblivion aka RaajGamer
- SiaReyes.
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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

I was a player too but at xSF though. When I visited you guys,I thought you were the one who wanted your server to be a xSF wannabe. I never knew there was so much story behind it.
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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

I never played in NEF,

I wonder why you never came in TMS, it was better than US server

Anyway thank you for release, you did great job. I played in SEF and was big fan of the gamemode since 2017
Now I can enjoy this beautiful script all thanks to you dude.

Oh and I am happy that you announced current NEF as fake, cuz they are shameful community and don't deserve NEF name.

I will totally use this gamemode and will upgrade it as much as I can ^^

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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

I am shocked right now to see this happening. I see no point in posting this gamemode in public, you could've just left it on the hosted server and let it run.. lol

Anyway, it was a great server, I played there lots of years now and it was good memories.
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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

Chris here,

I remember the first day i came into SE back in 2012 and when i applied to become a Moderator and went through all the ranks to end up as executive administrator to eventually running Havoc for 2 -3 months when Mellnik announced he was leaving the scene.

We had our highs and our lows but the strength of our community was so strong and most of all the trust me and Mellnik had been unbreakable.

Trust is very hard to come by these days especially in online communities. We worked hard to bring SE/NEF/Havoc to the success it had and gave it 100% and we still have a great friendship to this day!

Just wanted to personally thank Mellnik for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the leadership team throughout SE/NEF/Havoc I would honestly say it gave me purpose in my personal life when it was not so great.

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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

I'm really surprised that NEF is published now SAMP is dying from day to day

xSF Reborn:

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Default Re: NEF - New Evolution Freeroam

Originally Posted by NeXTGoD View Post
I'm really surprised that NEF is published now SAMP is dying from day to day
SA-MP is not dying, just GTA San Andreas generation are grown now, and new generation plays fortnite, pubg, cs:go etc...

So it's better to not say sa-mp is dying, rather than say: let's play the game we all like since long time, as for me NEF gm will help many freeroam server owners create better servers in sa-mp and it will not die
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