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Default [SE] Stunt Earth (v3) -

Server IP:

~ Server Introduction ~

Stunt Earth is a SA-MP server based off Stunt and Freeroam and many of you will remember it from 2011. Initially it was opened by Nina in 2011 and later closed in 2012. He re-opened it in 2015 and recently it was moved to 0.3.7 from 0.3z. We also offer a lot a range of other things, such as DeathMatch, Racing, Bunch of Heist missions and many other minigames and interesting systems. We'll try our best to offer our players the best gaming experience in SA-MP, a server you can build up friends, statistics and fun with, without fear of it disappearing!

~ Features ~

- Good looking UI -
- Player Toys (You can now save up to 10 /playerobj sets without removing previous set). Can be selected via /toggleplayerobj -
- Reaction System: Be the fastest person online and earn scores/cookies from who'm you can buy a lot of stuff -
- Good looking speedometer made with Correlli's Dynamic Circle System -
- Heist System: Inspired from PayDay/GTA V. It's basically a mission style mini-game where are you supposed to steal cookies or kill the leader together with other players. We have over 30 heist missions. -
- Racing: We have a bunch of good races you can enjoy. Each race has some different style like weather, vehicles and components on the vehicles -
- Over 600 teleport locatations and buch of amazing maps -
- Wanted System: Kill the most wanted players on the server and get reward (/wanted) -
- Houses and Private Vehicles: You can find the houses all around the San Andreas Map. Houses cost are counted in cookies, so try to earn as many as possible. Besides that, you can also own a max 3 private vehicles. (/househelp, /carhelp) -
- Gangs -
- Advanced Duel System -
- You can attach a objects to your vehicle -
and more....

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