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Default Exporting .dff and .txd

Hello. I'm posting this on the behalf of a friend that doesn't have a SA:MP forum account. Basically we've got a problem with some custom objects that we're trying to add in SA:MP.

He's using Maya for the models and Substance Painter for texturing. Maybe do you guys have any idea how to export from Maya in .dff and from Substance Painter in .txd?
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Default Re: Exporting .dff and .txd

Can't say much about Maya, but I would suggest use 3ds max with Kam's Script.
Doesn't really metter what software you use to make .bmp for texure all you have to do is use txdworkshop to generate .txd file. Also make sure to have correct image dimensions 16x16 32x32 64x64 and so on. Good luck.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Exporting .dff and .txd

I do not recommend using Maya at all. Use 3d max or blender 3D, and do texturing in these programs. GTA: SA is made on an old engine, so forget about Substance Painter forever.
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Default Re: Exporting .dff and .txd

Use the newest Blender version and download ponz gta tools. Also use kdff to make col file, you can find it on the forums.
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Default Re: Exporting .dff and .txd

Originally Posted by AWhite View Post
I do not recommend using Maya at all. Use 3d max or blender 3D, and do texturing in these programs. GTA: SA is made on an old engine, so forget about Substance Painter forever.
There's nothing wrong with using Substance Painter lol. You could make an argument if you're being pedantic but there's not much to worry about in 2019.

Disk space comes in plentiful, so there's less of a need for reusable modular assets. San Andreas had severe storage issues because they had to fit their huge game onto a disc, they combated this by having the same textures used across hundreds of objects. IE a concrete wall texture isn't just used on houses, it's used on props, floors, and hundreds of other objects, and all these assets need to have basic planar UVs to accommodate this idea.

In 2019 you can afford to have way more textures, and that remains true even with SA. They don't need to be reusable, and you can tailor textures to the UVs of props, instead of tailoring the UVs of props to accept most textures.

Export a model from Maya in a format readable by Blender of 3DS, like FBX then make sure the materials are correct and you're good to go. Use 3DS / Blender to fix vertex colors if Maya can't or use kdff to generate them, and then export as a DFF. Substance Painter only exports textures but SA doesn't support PBR so you only need diffuse. Add these diffuse textures to a program like txdworkshop and use that to generate your txd.


You can have multiple types of objects, just choose which benefits your server most.

1) reusable / modular. These are objects made to be like lego. The benefits of this are you can fit in more detail, reduce file and bandwith size but up server strain because there's more objects to handle. Buildings can be made up with multiple modular objects, which can be used in entirely different scenarios too. You see this in furniture systems. Like 1 wall might be made with a door, and another with a window. These can be stitched together in SA:MP to make a full interior.

2) props . Props are usually made with 1 object, and this is where Substance Painter shines. You can paint, and add cool effects to your model, and SP will generate a texture which you use with it. You can't reuse the texture because it was generated to fit the UVs of your model, and only your model. It will look stupid on others.
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