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Cool [Hosted Tab]Las Venturas Cops & Robbers (LVCNR) [www.LasVenturas.Net]

Server IP:
Website: www.LasVenturas.Net

The server, LVCNR, is competing with the fastest growing communities of SA:MP. Thanks to your support, we have been able to make a good player base along with an increase in the average of players per day in no time. Server gets a lot of regular updates and provides all resources for the community to touch new highs in the sky!
The community serves on high speed magnificent servers with exceptional hardware resources & is aired on SA-MP Hosted Tab.

Server Features
  • Group Robbery
  • Clothes System
  • Vehicle Objects System
  • Dynamic House System
  • House Furniture System
  • Custom House interiors
  • Gangs & Zones Annexation System
  • Fishing System (Lake & Sea)
  • Cop Ranks System
  • Dynamic Business System
  • Pay Day System, with Taxes, Bank Interests & VIP Bonus
  • Class specific base-camps (Rob-able)
  • Several jobs
  • Stable Server Economy
  • Pray System
  • Lottery & Coupon System
  • Player Assets (with death) drop & pickup System - The GTA Style!
  • Dynamic GPS System
  • New robbery locations
  • Bloodshed effect while shot (Similar to Counter-strike)
  • Several In-Server Games (Minigames)
  • Vehicle system
  • Various events organized by admins
  • Automatic Money Bag system
  • Vehicle Crane System
  • Several Missions
    • Bus Driver Missions
    • Construction Site Missions Fork-Lifts
    • Sweeper Missions
    • Delivery Missions
    • Trash Collection Missions, etc.
  • And many more.

Server Trailers & Media

LVCNR NEW Android App
The first CnR server to have an android app hosted on G-Play Store!
A new version has been released as an update over the previous one. Download today!

Android App Features:
  • Real-time online players list
  • Online players' real-time statistics
  • Player Rankings & Leader-board
  • Real-Time Ban List
  • And Much More!



Advanced Player Dashboard (UCP)

Website & Media


LVCNR Wiki Hub

Server - IRC.TL (6667); Channel - #lv-cnr
WebIRC: Click Here

LVCNR Discord Server: Click Here

The Comeback
So, after a sabbatical of almost 4 years, I am very pleased to announce the come-back of our very own astounding and the Original Las Venturas Cops & Robbers community!
The LVCNR community was shut back in 2011, leaving behind an inlet for various other servers to creep in and claim themselves as our protrudes. I am highly indebted to all those people who have been a part in re-establishing the lost community, back on SA-MP. And, here we are, actually presenting before you the same old LVCNR reincarnated into a new form, on the same old official web-domain! The community serves on high speed magnificent servers with exceptional hardware resources & is aired on SA-MP Hosted Tab.

The old LVCNR Connection
Link: The Flashback

There are several interesting elements and surprises that have been added in the game, which would cherish your old memories!

Server Statistics

Graph Source: SACNR Monitor

Las Venturas Cops & Robbers (LVCNR)

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