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Default Help with Plate

hey Guys i using

for my system plate now when i do /myplate "Test" and it work's now when i do /my "Test1" on my ownble car it won't work but it work's on rent car's can some help me

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Default Re: Help with Plate

This is server support section, take this to scripting support section
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Default Re: Help with Plate

You are posting in the wrong section, try this section next time or ask a beta tester to move this thread for you.

This is an issue inside of your code, so you are obviously forgetting something when trying to do this to an "owned vehicle". You should try to debug your script and see if you forgot an if statement, or did the opposite of what you should have done in an if statement. You should also keep in mind that you need to re-spawn the vehicle once you change the license plate. You could do so by getting the vehicles position, storing it into a variable, re-spawning the vehicle and bringing the vehicle to the stored position in the variable you created. If you are confused, send me a PM and I can try to help you out.
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